Every Photo Tells a Story

by Pat St. Pierre

Throughout New England there are many abandoned belongings, especially in rural New England. This summer I traveled along many “small” side roads in New England towns to see if I could locate abandoned possessions or personal property. I was surprised to find so many houses, cars, and sheds left deserted and discarded. As I took photos of these abandoned possessions I realized that each photo tells a story and every person’s story will differ.




Can You See Me?


The Family is Gone


Pat St. Pierre is a freelance writer of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for adults and children. Her work has been published both online and in print publications, including: 100 word story, Friday Fiction, A Long Story Short, The Flash Fiction Press, Alfie Dog Fiction, and Whisperings. She is also a freelance photographer whose work has appeared online, in print, and on covers, including: Peacock Journal, Touch, Journal of Healing, Ramshackle Review, Our Day’s Encounter, The Camel Saloon, Ken *Again, etc. Her blog is www.pstpierre.wordpress.com.