Moon haiku

by Susan Murata


Photograph by Jamie Colburn
Photograph by Jamie Colburn

crescent moon—

I keep returning to the corner

of your mouth






sleepless . . .

did you overeat

as well, full moon?





Susan Murata was educated formally at the University of New Hampshire in speech. Informally educated through Life, Work and Raising Children in places from New York City to the coast of Maine, she has honed her observation skills—producing condensed poetry and lyric prose. She began focusing on haiku and haiga in 2011 and has been published in many haiku journals including Tiny Words, Notes from the Gean, Heron’s Nest, Prune Juice, South by Southeast and Frog Pond. She currently lives in Swanzey, New Hampshire, with her husband, Gary, and Amos the cat.

Jamie Colburn is a photographer based out of Greenville, New Hampshire. His main focus is breathtaking landscapes, and an absolute love for wildlife of all varieties. He will never pass up a barn, especially if it’s red! His goal is to capture the beauty of New England and all it has to offer. You can view more of Jamie’s work on Facebook.