Two Haiku

by Susan Murata


Man Battles Fire by Elizabeth Irwin
Man Battles Fire by Elizabeth Irwin


everywhere in the night

blood meals






that turnover from mist

to rain




Susan Murata was educated formally at the University of New Hampshire in speech. Informally educated through Life, Work and Raising Children in places from New York City to the coast of Maine, she has honed her observation skills—producing condensed poetry and lyric prose. She began focusing on haiku and haiga in 2011 and has been published in many haiku journals including Tiny Words, Notes from the Gean, Heron’s Nest, Prune Juice, South by Southeast and Frog Pond. She currently lives in Swanzey, New Hampshire, with her husband, Gary, and Amos the cat.

Elizabeth Irwin is an artist, illustrator, poet, songwriter, and especially an advocate for the environment, for social justice, and for the encouragement of spiritual well being within each individual. All Elizabeth’s works reflect her love of truth, beauty, and nature. She lives in a humble abode, struggling to live off the grid as much as is possible, as a single woman, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Man Battles Fire is a segment of an oil painting made in tribute to those nineteen firefighters who fell in Yarnell, Arizona, in 2013.