XXI- Universe Card: rebuild yourself with new people and places

by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens

wind blows over the ocean
satellite waves invisible to our eyes

the Buddha behind the locked gate
holds up one lotus for entry

It crumbles as soon as we touch it:
it’s the thought that counts
the petals we breathe in

if the pure of heart meets a light at the end of the tunnel
or the Universe or anyone can wear white

well and not tread into a dark wood
how can the Buddha explain personal pain

when a boy is carved from granite, an exhale
forgotten in the night, a witness

a circular dynasty
a flock of doves break the sound

DNA buried under the skull
white matter synapsing:

our most precious asset is not a diamond
or a Lexus but the in between

moments: a memory of a flower growing
up through the cracks of a sidewalk

if I cannot remember did my life happen?

I feel your word bubbles pop,
your cut and weighed silence