Martha Andrews Donovan


Whenever my father would get lobsters, I followed him to the ancient shack

that was tumbling into the sea. Cliff Moody was a slight man – not at all

someone you would imagine hauling a trap. He had no teeth but laughed a lot

and he liked my father who could talk with anyone. Pinups of half-naked

women papered that shack. I already knew then as a child what I would long

for later – honest work, honest passion. Someone tore that shack down

last winter, leaving behind only crushed shells and a hole in the uneven earth.


Martha Andrews Donovan is the author of the chapbook Dress Her in Silk (Finishing Line Press 2009). She is currently working on a mixed-genre memoir Dangerous Archaeology: A Daughter’s Search for Her Mother (and Others) – a memoir in fragments. Her work has appeared Green Mountains Review, Harvard Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Marlboro Review, and Shadow and Light: A Literary Anthology on Memory.


Aqua Door by Eva-Lynn Loy
Aqua Door by Eva-Lynn Loy


Eva-Lynn (Evie) Loy is an artist, expressive art therapist and teacher. Since moving to the beautiful Monadnock region of New Hampshire in 2004, Evie’s passion for creating art has been, joyfully, reignited. Her artistic vision often reflects an image with new colors that show the spirit of the subject rather than how it might actually, appear. Her work has appeared in national and regional juried shows as well as many local exhibits.