by Vern C. Maine

I shot an arrow at the Sky. It pierced the Sun, I watched it Die.
The Clouds that then were passing by, began to Huff, turn Dark, and Cry.
A Fairy frowned and asked me Why? I raised my head, I wouldn’t Lie.

It’s Moonless Nights that I most Dread; The Darkness gets inside my Head.
I had to free the Moon, I said, to shine on me while I’m in Bed.
I killed the Sun, but now thereby, the Evening Moon is Free to Fly.

I woke up dead that very night. I searched the Sky, no Moon in sight!
It’s hot and smoky all around; a mournful wail, the only sound.
Then comes a ring from a booth nearby; the caller says the Moon has died.

It jumped its orbit, hit a star; it broke its beam, did not get far.
Leaking moonlight left and right, it finally disappeared from sight.
No Sun, no Moon, no day or night? Something clearly isn’t right.

Now devils dance here in my street! They got no brains, they got no feet!
Their eyes are glowing cactus green, their breath reeks of kerosene.
They set my hair and clothes ablaze! I see them laughing through the haze.

Oh wait, these devils aren’t so bad … They look like friends that I once had!
I guess I’ll not be all alone, in case I somehow can’t get home.
One seems to want to conversate, calls himself the 4th estate.
He laughs about the Sun and Moon, both dead and gone now, much too soon.

The Sun, you know, was Red, he said. The Moon was Baby Blue.
But neither left nor right could sense the power of my Glue.
No, my able Archer; not even you. Now they are gone, and I will rule.

For those who still don’t comprehend, this portends A BITTER END.