The Earth Within

by Michael Keshigian


We awoke in light,

wriggling in the palm

of a muddy hand,

divided into portions

under a stone,

we were the life

that delighted the sun

as we edged toward an empty cave.

Heaven rinsed us with a sigh

and set afloat

the Earth in our veins.

Behind our eyes

loomed the ocean,

beneath our fingernails

vegetables slept,

between our toes

hovered the path of discovery,

a model universe floated

undiscovered in our brain.

The great plates trembled

and the chatter of teeth

shattered the ensuing silence,

glacial ice masses cracked

and the capillaries of vision

slid into a sea of fascination,

a body born

under sunlight, in sand,

saturated with rain,

blossomed skyward

to propagate the world.




Michael Keshigian’s eleventh poetry collection, Inexplicable, was released October, 2016 by Black Poppy. He has been widely published in numerous national and international journals and has appeared as feature writer in over a dozen publications with six Pushcart Prize and two Best Of The Net nominations. (