Whole foods

by Corinne Chronopoulos

Commence hysterical laughter,
at my youth’s naive prediction,
I would hang on by my fingertips
to a life I’m pretending to want.

How could I have known a perfectly controlled descent would disguise the fall?
I thought I was moving up!
Maslow was wrong.
The whole foods aren’t helping.

All the right living in the world,
couldn’t make me see,
the big wide world spins without a need for me
to give its tacky hollow surface a tap and turn.

My life is like a maze,
which I have every talent and instinct to solve,
but my purpose is to get lost.


Look of the Lake by Jeffrey C. Dickler











Corinne Chronopoulos is a native of New Hampshire and a graduate of the University of New Hampshire. She has served as a public librarian for over eight years and is a champion of books, readers, and writers. Corinne has been writing poetry since she was seven years old.

Jeffrey C. Dickler, a native of Brooklyn, New York, was transplanted to the Midwest after his formative years. His love of the outdoors grew from summers at his grandfather’s Camp Iroquois on Frost Pond in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. By age four he already had hiked to the peak of Mount Monadnock. Later family trips to the American Southwest and National Parks cemented his love of exploring nature with a pack on his back and camera in hand. In 2017 he retired to the Monadnock region. He lives with his wife, Deni, and their four-legged companion, Willy Waggins, in Rindge, New Hampshire.