Winter 2013 Issue

Photograph by Robert Johnson
Photograph by Robert Johnson



Assembly Required by Michael Keshigian

At the Laundry by Robert H. Demaree Jr.

At the Women’s Prison, Goffstown, New Hampshire by Erica Bodwell

Contemplating Baptism by Charles Huckelbury

Finger Painting by Patrice Pinette

Fish Cove by Michael Keshigian

For Some Reason by Denny Caldwell

Last Week of June by Robert H. Demaree Jr.

On Bear Island by Erica Bodwell



Headstone by Jack Coey

Prek Klok by Rodger Martin

Lazy Ovary Syndrome by Julie Cyr


Cover Art

Photograph by Robert Johnson

This issue also features artwork by Mona Adisa Brooks and Tricia Rose Burt.

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