Fall 2020 Issue

“The branches had become so hard that they wounded your hand if you but tried to break a twig. And yet, down under the frozen crusts, at the roots of the trees, the secret of life was still safe, warm as the blood in one’s heart; and the spring would come again! Oh, it would come again!”

~ Willa Cather, O Pioneers!

As we edge toward the conclusion of another year, night comes early and forecasts warn of freezing rain, snow and ice. Those of us in the Granite State know that this is the time to curl up by the fire and read while waiting for spring. Smoky Quartz Fall 2020 is ready for you to enjoy during what may be a “winter of solitude.”

This latest issue of Smoky Quartz includes horror, hard-hitting realism, touching memoir, innovative forms and thoughtful reflections. The editors are pleased to include work by authors whose names are familiar to readers of our journal:  Ann B. Day, Denny Caldwell, Julie A. Dickson, Eric Pinder, and Linda Kulig Magoon. We are also delighted to introduce work by three writers appearing in Smoky Quartz for the first time:  Jamie Alliotts, Taylor Jones, and John Mara. And we are thrilled to feature photographs by Jesseca P. Timmons.

Click here to explore Smoky Quartz Fall 2020.

Our thanks to the many writers and poets and artists who submitted work for this issue. Smoky Quartz is now accepting submissions for its Spring 2021 issue. Please click here for submission guidelinesSubmission deadline is January 24. We look forward to reading your best work.

The Editors,

Deni Dickler, Sara Miller, Deborah Murphy, Louise Werden


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