Here Is The Place

Farm Pond, Dover, MA by Christine Polito
Farm Pond, Dover, MA by Christine Polito

Catherine Stavrakas


Here is the place

where rows of pines

slip gracefully

to the lake’s edge

like blue-gowned ladies



Here the song

has lost  its voice

and the spirits

must sing inwardly.


Here fibers of cloud

dissolve in the air

and well-fed children

wander as if lost,

perhaps forgotton.


Where the Ossipee

is flooded,

and the parents, like

Midsummer sleepers


To forget who they once were.



Catherine Stavrakas is a public school psychologist and a private reading tutor living north of Boston.  She spent twenty years in New Hampshire, including both the Sunapee region and later, Londonderry.  Recently, Catherine won first place in the North Shore Poets’ Forum annual contest for “A Poem for Hilda.”

Christine Polito is a sculptor, painter, song-writer, poet, and Reiki Practitioner.  She lives in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire where she relishes the quiet, the darkness of night and blanket of stars, the wildlife, and the sacred space of solitude. 

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