Personal Property

by Charles Huckelbury


A weathered marker in the Old North Cemetery

pays tribute to Col. Elijah Wolfe:

Graduate Of Harvard College And A

Prominent Member Of The Commission To Determine

The Border Between New Hampshire And Massachusetts.

A Genial And Lovable Man.

A Gallant And Inspiring Leader.

An Able And Resourceful Citizen Who Served

His Country With Honor For Many Years.

Etched on an adjacent, smaller marker is a shorter inventory:


His Wife

As if being his wife justified her place beside him

like his dog, his rifle, or his favorite chair.


Photograph by Shaundi Kane
Photograph by Shaundi Kane


Charles Huckelbury’s work has been published previously by The Poet’s Touchstone, the quarterly of the Poetry Society of New Hampshire, and by the Northern New England Review. He also has two books of poetry, Distant Thunder and Tales from the Purple Penguin, published by BleakHouse Publishing. He has won four PEN America prizes for both fiction and nonfiction. One of his short stories, “Gumbo,” was adapted for the stage and performed at the Kennedy Center in DC.

Shaundi Kane is a photographer located in Keene, New Hampshire, specializing in portrait and wedding photography. She learned photography basics through art courses using a 35 mm camera. Everything beyond that, in the world of digital cameras and editing software and programs is all self-taught. For Shaundi, photography is passion itself, bursting forth with raw emotion, depth, and individual personality. View more of her work at

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