I dreamt of you last night

by Katrina Maloney

You were in a restaurant, with a table full
of your employees.
I was dining alone. Had my violin with me, used as a prop,
used as a shield.
I considered getting up and leaving you there, just
walking away, hiding my face as usual.
But I hadn’t seen you in 30 years. And I knew I had to speak.
I walked up, you scrambled to your feet—
you said your name and looked at me. I spoke, over your greeting:
It’s me. And everything wrong in my universe
slid off into nothingness when I saw the look on your face.


Katrina Maloney moved to the region in 1982—came up to college and just stayed! She lives with Mount Monadnock almost on her front lawn, with dogs and cats and chickens. Katrina has a business doing research and editing, plus freelance writing. She is a former professor of natural sciences and education, and still works part time in that field. Reading and writing are her main activities, but for fun, she plays classical violin and popular ukulele, gardens, and paddles a kayak. You can visit her website for more information about her work: katrinamaloney.net