(Upper Burial Cairn)

by Rodger Martin


Returning Home by Carl-Peter Mayer
Returning Home by Carl-Peter Mayer

Like a navigator reckons safe passage

for a pilot flying chartless water,

a granite V points eastward

to Great Arthur and his Isles.

A fleet of Roman, Celtic, Bronze

and Neolithic memories float

above the channel: Scillonia,

Enor, Lyonesse, Camelot.

Perhaps the cleft is nature,

perhaps it’s man, knowing the only

place to die is home—even

after four thousand years. Beyond the tomb,

a child’s rope swings from a branch,

the irresistible desire for flight,

but like a father, a warm, western breeze

urges one return to earth,

enter the tomb quietly, touch the stone

understanding; the spirit

will find its way here and find it




Rodger Martin’s third poetry volume, The Battlefield Guide, (Hobblebush) uses locations on battlefields of the Civil War to reflect upon America today. Small Press Review selected The Blue Moon Series, (Hobblebush) as a bi-monthly pick of the year. He received an Appalachia poetry award, a New Hampshire State Council on the Arts Fiction Fellowship, and fellowships from The National Endowment for the Humanities. He has been translated in On the Monadnock: New Pastoral Poetry released in China, 2007. He serves as an editor in The Granite State Poetry Series.

Carl-Peter Mayer is a silk-screen artist and also enjoys stone balancing and photography. He has been involved in screen printing for over 40 years, from fine art to industrial applications. He resides in Franconia, New Hampshire, and Sharon, Massachusetts, and is a life-long Cannon/Mittersill skier. His parents emigrated from Germany and built a home in Franconia for its similarities to Franconia in their native Bavaria.