Request letters to republish favorite pieces

As mentioned in previous posts, the Smoky Quartz Tenth Anniversary Anthology will include some of the editors’ favorite pieces from past online issues. Over the next few weeks, we will be emailing those of you whose work we would like to republish in the anniversary print edition. You will receive a letter with the title(s) of the work and a release form. This email will be separate from any letter you receive regarding new work that you submitted to the anthology.

If you receive a request from us, you can contact us at with any questions. Please return the release form by the requested date if you’d like your work included.

Past contributors to Smoky Quartz have been an important part of the success of our journal. We thank all of you for your contributions.

Decision letters for submissions

The editors have completed their review of submissions to the Smoky Quartz Tenth Anniversary Anthology. This week, we are beginning the process of sending acceptance letters and release forms, or letters of regret, to all submitters. If your email address has changed since you submitted your work, please let us know at

We plan to complete this notification process in July. One of our editors will be notifying writers, and the production editor will be contacting those who submitted artwork. Thank you for your patience!

If you receive an acceptance letter, please review any requested minor edits, contact us at with any questions, and return the release form by the requested date.

If you receive a letter of regret, please know that the selection process was both thorough and challenging. We received many excellent pieces but could not publish them all. In addition, we enjoyed many pieces that did not fit the transformation theme well or required more editing than our schedule could accommodate.

Thank you again for your submissions. We appreciated the opportunity to consider your work.

The Editors

Status of submissions review

The editors are wrapping up their review of submissions to the Smoky Quartz anniversary anthology. It has been a challenging decision process with about 200 pieces of wonderful work. Decisions will be sent by email to all who submitted by the end of June.

This print edition is scheduled for publication in Fall 2022. We will be holding a release event with the opportunity for contributors to read their work. Please follow this Smoky Quartz News page for updates.