Status of Spring 2020 Issue

The editors of Smoky Quartz have completed the process of reading and selecting work for the spring 2020 issue. We are in the process of notifying contributors, requesting edits, and updating bios. The issue will be in production in April and announced sometime in May. Thank you to all who submitted their work!

Please follow this News page (our blog) for further updates on the spring 2020 issue and future issues of Smoky Quartz.

The Editors

Deadline Extended to February 15th

Smoky Quartz is open for submissions until February 15, 2020, for the Spring 2020 issue. Please submit poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, art, and photography. Work received after February 15th will be considered for an upcoming issue. We welcome submissions from new, emerging, and established writers and artists with ties to New Hampshire. Note: we now accept prose pieces up to 3000 words. Please visit our Submissions page for more information:

Please send us your best work!

The Editors, Smoky Quartz

Fall 2019 Issue

Our future and the future of our children and their children depend on the balance we maintain between ourselves and Nature in our daily lives … each day is a constant stream of miracles. We need to learn to respect every moment of our lives on Mother Earth. ~ Ann Day

Welcome to the fall 2019 issue of Smoky Quartz. We are proud to feature Ann Day as she celebrates her 90th birthday this year. Ann is a prolific contributor to Smoky Quartz and an inspiring member of the Monadnock Writers’ Group. Our celebration begins with an interview of Ann by Eric Poor. Her poetry leads the way in this issue’s collection of work.

Join us in welcoming the crisp air and warm colors of late fall with a richly textured variety of poetry, prose, and images reflecting the season. Many thanks to the talented writers and artists who have shared their work.

We hope that you enjoy the fall 2019 issue of Smoky Quartz. To begin reading, click here.

Smoky Quartz is currently accepting submissions for the spring 2020 issue. The submission deadline is January 26, 2020. For submission guidelines, click here.



Celebrating Local Poetry and Prose

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21st, 6:30 – 7:30 P.M.

203 Main Street, Rindge, New Hampshire

Relax with a cup of coffee while listening to works by some of the Monadnock region’s finest writers. This event is sponsored by Smoky Quartz, the online journal of the Monadnock Writers’ Group.

Free and open to the public
Light refreshments will be served

For more information call (603) 899-3303

Fall 2019 Issue in Production

The editors of Smoky Quartz  have completed the process of reading and selecting work for the fall 2019 issue. The issue in now in production and will be published around November 23rd.

In addition, Smoky Quartz  is back online with a new format and features. You can find the Subscribe option at the bottom of every page. If you enter your email address, you will receive announcements of new issues and submission deadlines in your inbox.

Thank you for supporting Smoky Quartz  as contributors and readers.

The Editors



Fall 2019 Issue in Progress

Thank you to all who submitted work for the fall 2019 issue of Smoky Quartz. The editors are now in the process of reading and selecting work. Any work submitted after September 15th, 2019 will be considered for future issues.

Also, the Smoky Quartz  site will be undergoing an update to a new format with new features in the next few weeks. During that time, the site will not be accessible. But we will send an announcement once it is online again.

Thank you again!

The Editors

Spring 2019 Issue

Help us to be ever faithful gardeners of the spirit, who know that without darkness nothing comes to birth, and without light nothing flowers. ~ May Sarton


Leaving its two-year hibernation behind, Smoky Quartz celebrates its return with a poetry-packed Spring 2019 issue. Twenty-three poems contributed by eleven poets take us from formal to free verse with stops at 7-Eleven, a wood pile and Hades. Flowers are bountiful and migrating birds are back. The issue also features a photo essay and photographic art.

Click here to start reading.

Our heartfelt thanks to the many writers and poets who submitted their work for this issue. We continue to be impressed with the quality of writing here in New Hampshire.

And don’t forget, Smoky Quartz is now accepting submissions for its Fall 2019 issue. Submission deadline is September 15. We look forward to reading your best work.


The Editors,
Deni Dickler, Sara Miller,
Deborah Murphy, Louise Werden