by Barbara Bald


Lily by Barbara Bald
Lily by Barbara Bald

You’ll know

they say

when the time is right

when the partner fits

when leaving is apt

But you never do

You doubt

listen for an inner voice

that’s supposed to be there

supposed to tell you what to do

what path to take

and when

But the well is hollow

muffled echoes bounce off

vine-covered walls

matted and entangled

like the push-pull in your head,

tug-of war in your heart



Barbara Bald is a retired teacher, educational consultant and freelance writer. Her poems have been published in a variety of anthologies: The Other Side of Sorrow, The Poets’ Guide to New Hampshire, For Loving Precious Beast, Piscataqua Poems, Of Sun and Sand, The Widows’ Handbook and In Gilded Frame Anthology. They have appeared in The Northern New England Review, Avocet, Off the Coast and in The Poets’ Touchstone. Her work has been recognized in both national and local contests. Her recent full-length book is called Drive-Through Window and her new chapbook is entitled Running on Empty. Barb lives in Alton, NH with her cat Catcher, two Siamese Fighting fish and a tank of Hissing Cockroaches.


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