Morning Pond

by Julie A. Dickson


Silver glimmers through the haze

Morning dew and shadows fade

A bird, majestic sits on frond

As morning dawns upon the pond

Crickets chirp and frogs chime in

Without a care, the bird begins

To fish, unfettered by the day

Among the marshes, reeds and clay

Heron seeing cormorant

Competing yet they do not daunt

The wildlife, nor other bird

They jabber; some don’t speak a word

Of protest, there are fish for all

In the distance, loons that call

Egret, swoops and eats her catch

Settles on a rock to watch

Cousins feeding on the pond

White and silver, feasts abound



Photograph by Eric Poor
Photograph by Eric Poor


Julie A. Dickson is a poet and writer of young adult fiction who explores nature, life and teen issues. She is a member of the Poetry Society of New Hampshire and a regular contributor to several poetry publications. Dickson has lived in NH for over 30 years, has two grown children and three rescued cats.

Eric Poor is a retired journalist, reporting most recently for the award-winning  newspaper The Monadnock Ledger-Transcript. He won numerous writing and photography awards from The New Hampshire Press Association (NHPA). He was twice named Columnist of the Year by the NHPA. An avid sportsman, he has been an outdoor columnist for 20 years for Hawkeye, New Hampshire’s outdoor sports newspaper.


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