by Kate Dean

Photograph by Eric Poor
Photograph by Eric Poor

…beside the bed,

crouching small figure,

dark night


Earsplitting earnestness,

muted entreaty,

muffled sincerity,




spiral tendrils,

brush sleeping face,

“within” listens,



small awakening,






Kate Dean has lived in southern New Hampshire for over thirty years, writing poetry and making art, and now works to enhance quality of life by advancing arts and culture in the Monadnock Region, as executive director of Arts Alive!. She is working toward an MFA in Studio Art, Holistic Health Coach certification, and deep understanding of nutrient dense gardening, and sings with a small ensemble.

Eric Poor is a retired journalist, reporting most recently for the award-winning  newspaper The Monadnock Ledger-Transcript. He won numerous writing and photography awards from The New Hampshire Press Association (NHPA). He was twice named Columnist of the Year by the NHPA. An avid sportsman, he has been an outdoor columnist for 20 years for Hawkeye, New Hampshire’s outdoor sports newspaper.


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