Fall 2015 Issue

Painting by Haley Greenyer
Painting by Haley Greenyer



Cover art by Haley Greenyer

ConVal High School Student Artwork

This issue also features artwork by Cornelius Bull, Jamie Colburn,
Kate Dean, Dave Dodge, Tory Eichler, Elizabeth Irwin, and John Van Besien.




Hurt by Maura MacNeil

by  Jennifer L. Freed

Kintsugi by Gail Hersey

Moon haiku by Susan Murata

Skin to Skin by Ellie Rhymer

Synergist by Michael Keshigian

Two haiku by Susan Murata

Uninvention of Longing
by Maura MacNeil

What I See Today
by Jennifer L. Freed



On Naming My Son
by E.H. Jacobs

That’s the Trouble with You
by Bob Irwin

The Caretaker
by Zakariah Johnson



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