Fall 2016 Issue

Last Light Uplifted by Carl-Peter Mayer
Last Light Uplifted by Carl-Peter Mayer

Cover Art by Carl-Peter Mayer

This issue also features artwork by John Van Besien
and Martha Andrews Donovan.








Despairing of Grace by J. C. Elkin

Ice Storm, 2008 by Stephanie Minteer

I dreamt of you last night by Katrina Maloney

Innisidgen by Rodger Martin

Late Fall—Keene, New Hampshire by Stephanie Minteer

Loosely-Hinged by Martha Andrews Donovan

Naomi and the Night by George Duncan

Shoulder Season by Mary Ann Mayer

The Upstairs Room by Ann B. Day



Monadnock Night Hike by Nathan Loomis

Siren Song by E. H. Jacobs

Transplant by Michael Hearne



White Out by Carl-Peter Mayer


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